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Russian River Vacation Home Rental in Guerneville, California
Northern California Pet Friendly Wine Country Rentals
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Before You Book/Booking Policies
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Thank you for considering a Russian River Getaways rental home for your vacation! Whether you’ve already booked or are planning to book, please read this page carefully so that your stay can be as wonderful as possible!.

Before You Book
Choosing the Right Home
Homes Close Together
Your Booking Agreement
Cancelling & Changing Homes
Stay Requirements
Summer Turn Days
Maximum Number of People
Day Guests
Events & Parties
Rates and Fees
How to Pay
How to Book

Before Your Stay
Confirming Your Reservation
Check-In/Early Check-In
Arrival/Keyless Entry
Arrival/Keyed Entry


During your Stay
Problems at Your Home
Noise at Our Homes
Amenities We Provide
Amenities We Don’t Provide
Pets in Our Homes
Smoking Policy
Air Conditioning & Fans
Internet Access
Cell Service
Gas Grills
Hot Tubs
River Info & River Beaches


Before You Leave
Check-Out Checklist

After Your Stay
Departure/Keyless Entry
Departure/Keyed Entry
Late Check-Out
Left Items

Choosing the Right House | top
Please take care to book a house that will work for you; call or email if you need help. Read this page and the house webpage thoroughly. Ask questions. If privacy/seclusion or no road noise is extremely important to you, talk to us. While we do have a few homes with no near neighbors or far from a road, this is a resort area, and almost all homes are in rural neighborhoods and have neighbors (generally not as close as urban or suburban). Few riverfront homes offer seclusion, although most have good visual privacy screening from neighbors, and many homes have some degree of road noise and neighbors because most homes are built along the roads that run along the river and creek which have hills on both sides. If you have dog allergies, look for a home that doesn’t allow dogs; none of our homes allow cats (there are a few homes where the owner brings a cat occasionally, so if you're very allergic, ask about this). Because it is rarely excessively hot here, most homes do not have air conditioning, but if you are heat sensitive, check with a booking agent. Please visit homes in advance to determine wheelchair or any kind other of accessibility; our staff cannot make this call. Some homes are fairly level-in, but none have ramps, and most of the bathrooms and bedrooms are too small for a wheelchair to maneuver easily.

Larger Groups / Homes Close Together| top
(distances are approximate)
  1. Vacation Beach Area:GRAYSTONE (sleeps 6) and LUCKY BEND (sleeps 6), next-door neighbors
  2. Northwood Golf Club Area: REDWOOD LODGE (sleeps 6) is 4/10 mile west from NORTHWOOD BEACH HOUSE (sleeps 8) ; CALIFORNIA DREAM (Sleeps 8) and RIVER SONG (Sleeps 6) are 1/10 mile further west. RIVER SONG (Sleeps 6) and CRESCENT ESTATE (Sleeps 6) are neighbors.

  3. Central Monte Rio Just West of Downtown: RIVER QUEEN (sleeps 20) is less than 6/10 mile west of MOONDANCE (sleeps 6).

  4. Monte Rio River Boulevard Area: ARTISAN HOUSE (sleeps 12) is one half mile west of BAMBOO HAVEN (sleeps 6) which is 1/10 mile to JUJUBE (sleeps 2). It's 1/10 mile further to HARMONY HOUSE (sleeps 6). Two doors further to TIR NA NOG (sleeps 10) and six more houses to COMO ESTATE (sleeps 10). From Artisan House to Como Estate is 8/10 mile and all these houses are within that distance.

  5. Guerneville Drake's Beach: NORTH STAR (sleeps 10) is a block-and-a-half from SUNNY SKIES (sleeps 6); BEACH RETREAT (sleeps 6) is the third house east from NORTH STAR; NORTHERN EXPOSURE (sleeps 12) is the third house further east; JADE HOUSE (sleeps 10) is next door. This is a very noise-sensitive area; absolutely no large congregations at one house (congregating down on the beach is fine) and no loud music at any time. Neighbors are highly sensitive to disturbances.

    Closer to Town: MEMORY LANE (sleeps 10) is just down the street from Cabernet Cottage (sleeps 4).

  6. Guerneville West of Downtown: GUERNEWOOD LANDING (sleeps 6) and JOHNNY'S LANDING (sleeps 4) are next door neighbors; BIRD CAGE (sleeps 5) is a short block west. AT LAST (sleeps 4) and HEARTSREST (sleeps4) are across the street from each other.  All these homes are walking distance to town.

  7. Guerneville Northwest of Downtown:BABBLE-ON (sleeps4) is about 2 miles west of downtown Guerneville. ZEN HOUSE (sleeps 4) is about 100 yards further west, and GOOD TIMES (sleeps 4) is right next door. From there is FERN WOODS (sleeps 4) which is another 100 yards further.

  8. Guerneville North of Downtown: GREAT ESCAPE (sleeps 10) is a half block from LAUGHLIN ESTATE (sleeps 6), and both are about a block from MARTINI HOUSE (sleeps 4).  All are walking distance to town.

  9. Guerneville East of Downtown: PARADISE (sleeps 8) and TWIN PALMS (sleeps 6) are two doors apart and both are walking distance to town.

  10. Guerneville South of Downtown: STARLIGHT RETREAT (sleeps 12) is compound of two separate homes, each private to the other, both a couple of miles from SEQUOIA RETREAT (sleeps 8).

  11. Cazadero/Austin Creek Road: EDGEWATER CABIN (sleeps 2) is one-quarter mile past LUCY'S LAIR (sleeps 4).

  12. Cazadero/East Austin Creek Road: BLACKBERRY BLISS (sleeps 2) and CLOUD 9 (sleeps 2) are next door neighbors.

Houses Close Together Rules:
  1. No items will be moved from one house to another.

  2. Guests moving between the two houses will respect the quiet of the neighborhood and refrain from loud noise and boisterous behavior on the street, particularly late at night. Events and parties are not allowed by county ordinance. Also by county ordinance, rules on noise apply: more info.

  3. Guests will keep in mind at all times that there are neighbors who treasure the peace and tranquility of this serene locale, who also value access to their driveways, and who are quick to complain if our guests create problems on either account.

  4. Guests from two or more houses will not spend the bulk of their rental time at a house other than the house in which they are sleeping. Having people from one house spend most of their time at another house unfairly burdens that house, creates a risk of sewer or septic backup, and creates a risk of neighbor complaints. Rules on occupancy and day guests apply: more info.

Your Booking Agreement | top
You will receive a Booking Agreement when you book. Please read this document carefully, as it outlines the rules which apply to your booking. Many of our rules are determined by County Ordinance governing vacation rentals. Others exist to keep things running smoothly for all our guests. Signing the Agreement means you also agree to abide by the rules laid out on this web page and the House Instructions for the home you have booked. These are located at the home, in the House Binder, or can be emailed to you upon request. You must be 21 to book.

Cancelling & Changing Homes | top
• We can only offer refunds to the extent we can re-book the house*. Although we generally do re-book given a reasonable amount of time, there is no guarantee that we will.
• Cancellation charges include bank card charges we incur (3%) plus a $50 cancellation fee.
• If we allow a change in homes for the same dates, the cancellation fee applies.
• If flood warnings relevant to the rental are posted within three days before arrival, you can cancel and receive a full refund.
• If a home becomes unavailable after you book, we will move your booking to the most comparable house available. If you opt for a more expensive replacement house, you will need to pay the difference for the upgrade. Only if we can’t move you to a comparable home will we issue a full refund.
• We strongly recommend that you purchase travel protection - more info.

The weekly rate is seven nights for the price of six. If we re-book part of a seven night booking, you will not receive a refund for that free night. For example, if you rent seven nights, then use four nights and have us re-book three of those nights, you will receive a refund for the two nights you actually paid for.

Stay Requirements | top
• No one night bookings.
•2 Night Minimum EXCEPT:

    -One Week (7 nights for the price of six): June through August, subject to Summer Turn Days (day of check-in and check-out). We have a short bookings list starting in March.

    -3 nights: Memorial Day, Labor Day through Sept 30, Christmas, New Year's

    -4 Nights: Thanksgiving
• Bigger Exceptions: River Queen and Laguna Country House have a 3 night minimum Labor Day through May.

Maximum Stay: 30 nights. One to two week bookings can be made online with the standard fees; three to four week bookings must be made with a booking agent. Bookings three weeks and more often require the following: extra cleaning, so the cleaning fee may be doubled, the security protection fee of $75 (even on a house that normally has the $40 damage waiver), and a weekly inspection. Some homes may not be available for four week bookings. A booking agent will discuss the specifics.

Summer Turn Days | top
Most of our homes have assigned summer turn days in June-August, meaning all check-ins and check-outs will occur on that day. Some homes have a Variable turn day, which means we generally can accommodate whatever turn day you want. To see homes listed by Turn Day:

Maximum Number of People | top
• Each home has a strict maximum occupancy, which includes all adults and children three and older.
• No additional overnight guests allowed.

Day Guests | top
• You may have 2 day guests, with our OK in writing, free of charge.
• You may have 3-6 day guests, with our OK in writing, for a fee.
• More than 6 day guests are prohibited, both by our rules and by County Ordinance.

Events & Parties | top
• County Ordinance prohibits loud parties, events (including weddings), and amplified sound at vacation rentals, even if the number of people does not exceed the number the house can accommodate.
• Guests of events and parties held at other locations are welcome to rent one of our homes; check out our Homes Close Together. The Monte Rio Community Center is a popular local venue.

Rates and Fees | top
Your Booking Confirmation (from DocuSign) provides confirmation of the Rental Rate. We will charge your credit card when we receive your signed Booking Agreement (also from DocuSign), due back within 24 hours to avoid cancellation of the booking. In addition to the Rental Rate, the following fees will apply:

• Required 9% hotel tax plus 2% County Business Improvement Assessment (BIA) for all rentals less than 31 days. We do not do bookings over 30 days.

• Required Non-Refundable Damage Waiver or Security Protection Fee covering *accidental damage to the rental property and its furnishings:

  • The $40 non-refundable Damage Waiver Fee covers up to $1000 of *accidental damage.
  • The $75 non-refundable Security Protection Fee (this is not a "security deposit") covers up to $3000 of *accidental damage.
Each home requires one or the other; this is noted on each house webpage in the rates section. Bookings 3-4 weeks require the $75 Security Protection Fee, regardless of the house. In a few cases (generally short bookings at small homes with $40 Damage Waiver and no dogs or children present; never for the homes with the $75 Security Protection), we can allow you to opt out, but we have to know at the time you book and you’ll need to sign an agreement allowing your credit card to be charged for any damage. Once your credit card has been run, it’s too late to opt out. *Accidental damage is knocking over a lamp or walking through a screen door. It does not include intentional damage (including intentional acts likely to cause damage even if damage was not intended), hauling of excess trash, excess cleaning charges such as washing of dirty dishes or violation of dog rules, loss of a boat due to negligence, or draining of an excessively dirty hot tub. It also does not cover damage resulting from a violation of the Rental Agreement or House Instructions.

• Required Cleaning Fee: Your home should be clean when you arrive. The one-time cleaning fee covers cleaning and laundering of one set of sheets per bed and one set of towels per person, and is never waived or refunded. For bookings of 3-4 weeks, the cleaning fee is doubled to cover extra cleaning.

• Optional Travel Protection: We offer CSA Travel Protection (view with Adobe ReaderTM - free download). The premium (6.5% of rent + tax) is included in your Booking Confirmation. If you do not want the insurance, you may simply electronically initial the declination and subtract the premium.

Travel Protection Benefits include Identity Theft assistance, a 24-hour medical advice hotline, arrangements for the transportation of mortal remains (yes, people do die on vacation), and numerous other benefits outlined in the link above. Imagine one of these scenarios:

o You are laid off from your job a week before your vacation and the cost of the vacation is now longer sustainable.

o Your 3-year old daughter develops severe ear pain and a mysterious rash while on your vacation. Will you know how to get immediate medical advice?

o You spent over a year planning your vacation. Two days into the trip you're forced to leave because your father has a stroke. Who's going to pay for the unplanned expenses to get you back home? Will you get your money back for the unused travel arrangements for which you've already paid?

o Your luggage never showed up at baggage claim and you just discovered you may not get it for another 24-48 hours. Now you must buy necessary personal items and clothing you'll need until it's returned to you. Can you get reimbursed for this?

o You're driving on a scenic road in the mountains en route to your vacation home when your car breaks down. How will you get it towed?

o You're hiking and suffer a serious injury. How will you get to the nearest hospital to get the medical attention you require? Who will pay for the high costs involved in the evacuation if you're outside of your health plan's coverage area or have a high co-pay? If you have children with you on vacation and no other adult, how will they get cared for and transported? (CSA will send a bonded escort or transport a relative to the children).

How to Pay | top
• You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). You must use a credit card to secure the booking, even if you plan to pay by check.

• You can pay by check, if your booking is more than 30 days away; check box during electronic signature process. You must let us know at the time you book; once we’ve run the card, it’s too late. If we do not receive your check within five days, we will run the credit card you used to secure the booking.

• Installment Payments: For bookings more than six months distant, you may opt to pay an initial deposit equal to one-half the total cost, with the balance due 30 days before the arrival date. For bookings more than a year distant, three payments are possible; the deposit is due on booking, the second payment is due halfway between booking and arrival, and the third is due 30 days before arrival. For bookings under $1000, the initial deposit is $200; for bookings over $1000 and less than $3000, the deposit is $500; and for bookings over $3000, the deposit is $1000. If you want trip protection insurance, the premium must be added to the initial deposit.

How to Book | top
• Call us or Book Online.
• Your reservation, including availability and price, is confirmed when we email your Booking Agreement, which must be be signed and returned to us within 24 hours.

Your Booking Process | top
-Shortly after booking, we send a confirming email requesting some additional information about your stay. Please reply to this email as soon as possible.

-Within 24 hours of booking, we email your Booking Agreement via DocuSign (up to 48 hours on weekends and holidays). Call 707 869 4560 if you don't receive this email within 24 hours.

-Within another 24 hours, you electronically sign* your Booking Agreement or your reservation may be canceled. Print and bring Booking Agreement and/or make sure you have it downloaded on your electronic device (available without being connected).

-Within 24 hours of receiving your signature, we run your payment** and send a Check-In Email via with your house access information. Print and bring Check-In and/or make sure you have it downloaded on your electronic device (available without being connected).

-At your leisure, follow the Check-In Email's link to our Web Portal and download our APP, putting your reservation, house & visitor information at your fingertips. Please note that the the Check-In Email, Web Portal, and App are new as of Sept 24. If you booked prior to Sept 24 and would like access to this system, give us a call.

*You cannot check in unless we have your signed documents. For last minute booking s, make sure we have your signed Booking Agreement before the office closes the day you check in. For security reasons, we can only send/give out house information to the person listed on the Booking Agreement, so please make sure everyone in your group has what they need.

**If you're paying by check, we'll send the Welcome Email when we receive your check in the office. If you’re paying in installments, we’ll send the welcome email after the first payment.

Check-In/Early Check-in | top
• Check-in time is 3pm.
• No early check-ins.

Arrival/Keyless Entry | top
• 6-digit entry code is found in your Welcome Email.
• Code will not work until 3pm check-in day.
• The door will lock automatically every time it is closed.
• Don’t get locked out! Change the code to an easy one to remember. When you enter the code the first time, just press # and then enter your own six digits.
• If your home requires a remote (noted on your Property Fact Sheet), follow directions on Property Fact Sheet.

Arrival/Keyed Entry | top
• You can pick up your keys at the office after 3pm.
• After hours, your keys will be left in the security box (code in your Welcome Email) on our office porch - only if we have your signed documents.

Problems at your Home | top
• Check house immediately for any obvious problems, including hot tub.
• Report any problem or damage you find or cause at the house immediately, any time during your stay.
• Call the office during business hours.
• You'll need to fix your own blocked toilets*, check the breakers if the power goes out**, and reset your modem/router to gain Internet access (see below under Internet).
• We will not refund for a problem we could have solved but weren’t told about or given the opportunity to fix or for issues beyond our control.

*Blocked Toilets
• We test all toilets prior to arrival to ensure they are in working order.
• You are responsible for keeping toilets in working order; every home has a plunger.
• Do not overfill toilet or flush bulky items such as paper towels or feminine hygiene products.
• If a toilet becomes blocked and you cannot unblock with the plunger, you will need to call a plumber at your expense. Plumbers like Rooter Express (888-UNPLUGU) and Roto-Rooter, with 24 hour emergency service, can often respond faster than local plumbers, but the local plumbers, like River Plumbing 869-0660, cost less.

**Power Outages
• To get information on a total power outage, call PG&E directly: 800-743-5000 for customer service and 800-743-5002 for status of outages.
• If you have a partial outage, please check the breaker panel. If one or more of the breakers is slightly out of alignment, you need to click the breaker firmly to the off position, then click it firmly back on. It should click into place. If this does not restore power, then call us.

Noise at Our Homes | top
• By County Ordinance, your neighbors should not be able to hear you between 10pm-9am, and no outdoor amplified sound is allowed anytime.
• Neighbors have our phone number and will call to complain to us and/or the Sheriff. We deal with these complaints by calling and/or sending staff to the house. If we receive a second complaint, your booking may be terminated.

Trash | top
• Each home has barrels for trash and recycling. Please recycle!
• For many homes, we ask you to take the trash out to the street for pick up. Follow the instructions on your Property Fact Sheet. If your Property Fact Sheet says that the owner hauls trash, you don’t have to put the cans out.
• When taking trash to curb, please make sure all trash is in the cans with lid firmly closed, and that cans are facing the street.
• Take any trash that doesn’t fit in the cans with you when you leave. Your cleaning fee does not include hauling more trash than fits in the outdoor cans.

Amenities We Provide | top
These are our Standard Amenities. Any amenity not on this list is subject to change without notice. We try to keep our website, Property Fact Sheets and House Binder information up to date, but if that Additional Amenity is very important to you, please check with the office before you book.

o Stove, refrigerator, blender, microwave, coffee-maker, toaster, complete cookware, dishes, glassware, and flatware
o An initial supply of toilet paper (two rolls and a spare per bathroom)
o One roll of paper towels
o Trash bags
o Dishwashing detergent
o Dishwasher detergent (if there is a dishwasher)
o Laundry detergent
o Liquid hand soap in dispenser in bathrooms & kitchen
o Dish towel (sponges not included)
o Washer and dryer
o Gas or charcoal barbecue
o Television with satellite or cable reception (except Starlight Retreat which has TV with DVD & VCR only)
o DVD player
o Telephone
o Stereo and/or Boombox
o One set of bed linens per bed/sleeper. Beds will be made up with fresh linens.
o One set of bath towels per person (a set is one bath towel, one hand towel and one wash cloth).

Amenities We Don’t Provide | top
There is a 24-hour Safeway store in Guerneville where additional supplies and groceries can be purchased. You may find some of these items at the house, provided courtesy of the owner. If so, feel free to use them. If the owner provides beach towels, hot tub towels, bath robes please wash and dry before you leave; they are not included in your Cleaning Fee. Likewise with any sheets or towels you use in excess of the one set of bedding per bed and one set of towels per person.

• Briquettes, starters, lighter fluid for Charcoal BBQ
• Firewood and/or kindling or starters
• Kitchen sponges
• Hair dryer
• Beach towels
• Hot tub towels
• Bath robes
• Bars of soap or soap in shower/bathtub

Pets in Our Homes | top
• We can’t allow cats due to widespread allergies.
• You'll need to notify us in writing, in advance, of the number, breed, age and weight of visiting dog(s). • Most of our homes welcome dogs, and we’d like to keep it that way, so please follow our Dog Rules: Keep furniture clean; use a dog blanket. Clean up after your dogs. Dogs must have flea and tick protection. Obey local leash laws*. Don’t let dogs wander onto neighboring properties**. No dogs in pools & hot tubs. Dogs left alone must be crated inside the house. County Ordinance prohibits barking dogs left in vacation rentals, and Animal Control will respond to complaints. Please be sure all guests with dogs know and abide by our Dog Rules. There are penalities or extra charges associated with the violation of these rules.
• See our list of dogsitters:

*6ft leash in all public places, except those designated leash free.
**Many of our homes have some fencing, some are fully fenced. Even if a yard is fully fenced, we cannot guarantee the escape proof qualities of the fencing for any particular dog.

Smoking Policy | top
• No smoking inside our homes. The penalty is $500 for smoking inside.
• Smoking is okay outside, but be very careful with disposal, especially in dry, wooded areas.

Air Conditioning & Fans | top
• A few homes have air conditioning; it’s rarely needed here.
• Most homes have ceiling and/or standing fans. We don’t provide additional fans.
• During a heat wave, close the doors, windows, and any blinds during the day and then open up the house, and turn on any ceiling fans, as soon as the cooldown begins. This should bring comfortable temperatures for the night and well into the following day.
• Homes in the redwoods do not suffer from heat waves as the redwood trees themselves moderate the temperature in their environment; this includes most of the homes in Cazadero.
• If you are heat sensitive, ask for help from office choosing a house.

Internet Access | top
• Internet is Cable or DSL, unless noted as satellite. Satellite is less reliable and often slower than cable or DSL.
• If you have a problem accessing the Internet, try re-setting the modem and/or router before calling us (unplug both for 2 minutes, plug in again and give 5 minutes for starting up).
• If you are still unable to connect once the modem and router have been re-set, and we have confirmed that the Internet connection itself is working, the problem is almost certainly in your laptop settings. We are unable to assist with this problem, although we will try to find a local computer tech whom you could hire to help you.
• We do have free Internet access in Guerneville – try Coffee Bazaar, Nexus, the Public Library.

Telephones | top
• For your convenience, most homes have free unlimited domestic long distance (noted on your Property Fact Sheet). You are responsible for any international calls you make.
• If the home does not have unlimited domestic long distance, you will need an 800# calling card for any non-local calls and calls to our emergency phone.

Cell Service | top
Verizon has the greatest range; AT&T/Cingular works in some areas. As far as we know, no other services work at all here. We cannot guarantee cell service at any location.

Gas Grills | top
• We try to make sure each home has at least one full canister of gas.
• If you run out during office hours, you can bring the empty canister to our office and we'll exchange it for a full one.
• You can also exchange them for $19.95 at any Blue Rhino dealer (Dada’s or Union 76 station by Safeway) or refill the canister at Pit Stop Gas in Forestville or Casini Ranch in Duncans Mills, and we will reimburse you (bring/mail a receipt to us).

Hot Tubs | top
• Our hot tubs are professionally maintained at least weekly and will remain sanitary for maximum occupancy with reasonable usage.
• Hot tubs are maintained weekly so regular maintenance may fall on a day when you’re there.
• Guests use the hot tub at their own risk. We cannot guarantee sanitary conditions if the hot tub is overused or misused. It’s important to follow the Hot Tub Rules posted at house and in the Booking Agreement.

River Info & River Beaches | top
• Roughly May 1-October 31, the River is gentle, with very little white water, and warm enough to swim. Water levels vary greatly, depending on rainfall and the summer dams.

• Roughly Nov 1-Apr 30, the River is very swift, deep, and muddy, not safe for swimming or boating. Depending on rainfall, beaches are more or less under water.

• River levels depend upon a complex integration of upstream dams at Lake Mendocino and Lake Sonoma, summer dams at Healdsburg and Guerneville, and tidal influences, especially Monte Rio and west, along with Country water flow decisions and drought conditions. Many beaches are under water until late spring/early summer. Homes with beach access will generally have a longer season for river access. We cannot guarantee river levels, river access or frontage conditions at any time of year.

• River water is clean and safe to swim in, tested frequently by the County. Beaches tend to be gravel, with some sandy areas. We recommend water shoes to protect feet (can be purchased in Guerneville).

• Private, Shared, and Neighborhood Beaches: Some homes have access to a public neighborhood beach, some to a shared “private” beach, and some to a “private” beach. A private river beach is a beach which cannot be accessed by land from any homes other than those we list, at least not without trespassing. By federal law, river beaches are open to the public up to the "high water mark" if they are accessed by water. So a group of canoeists may pull up to "your" beach and enjoy a picnic. They are completely within their rights to do so. The same applies to Austin Creek, but not to the seasonal creeks. At all shared/neighborhood beaches, please bring your own beach paraphenalia and do not use any items already on the beach. If your home has boats stored on the beach, use only the boats marked for your home.

More info on the river and river-related activities:

Docks | top
• Docks are generally in place from mid-June/early July to mid-September, depending on when the summer dams are installed. The summer dams raise the water level to where docks can be used. We don’t have control over or advance notice of this process. Each home has a custom dock system which requires the water level to be within a certain range, so not all docks go in at the same time.
• We cannot guarantee dates for the installation or removal of docks, and we do not refund if a dock is not in place.

Boats | top
• Boating conditions are generally safe May 1-Oct 31.
• At homes with docks, boats may only be available as long as the dock is in, which varies. Other homes may offer boats when it's generally safe for boating.
• Homes with boats should have two adult and two child life vests. Additional vests can be purchased at King's Sport & Tackle in Guerneville. Many homes with boats have seasonal docks (see below).
• All watercraft should be returned to their locations and secured after each usage.
• Boat rentals are available in Guerneville, Monte Rio, and Duncans Mills. More info on boating.

Creeks | top
• Austin Creek is a large year-round creek that runs through Cazadero and feeds into the Russian River. In drought years, the creek may go underground in some places.
• A seasonal creek runs strong in the rainy season, with diminishing flows into early summer. Generally by mid-summer, these creeks will be dry and will remain so until the rains begin again in the fall or winter.
• We cannot guarantee creek water levels at any location.

Check-Out Checklist | top
For your convenience, we’ve included a Check-Out Checklist in your House Binder. Using this form can help you avoid any extra charges.

Check-Out | top
• Check-out is 11am.
• Cleaners generally arrive promptly and will start cleaning.

Departure/Keyless Entry | top
• Your keyless code stops working at 11am.
• If you want to extend your stay, we will issue you a new code.
• Unless you have to return a remote, there’s no need to come to the office.

Departure/Keyed Entry | top
• Please return all keys and remotes to the office upon check-out.
• Before or after hours, drop keys through slot in office door.
• If the stairs are too difficult, ring the bell at foot of the stairs.
• If it’s more convenient to leave keys/remotes at the house, call us to gain permission before check-out.

Late Check-out | top
• We don’t offer late check-out during our high season (May-Sept).
• October 1–April 30, we do offer a 1pm check-out for 20% of one night’s rent and a 7pm check-out for half one night's rent.
• Call the last business day before you leave, during office hours (weekdays 9-5; Sat 10-4; closed Sundays Oct-Apr and most bank holidays), as a last minute booking or maintenance could preclude a late check-out. You must speak to someone in the office who can confirm and run payment; emergency line personnel cannot grant a late check-out.

Left Items | top
We will try to help you get your lost items back, so call the office ASAP if you forgot something at the house. There is a fee for retrieving and shipping lost items.

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